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We’re here to support all the aspiring, ambitious, and new execs (and their teams) out there grow.

01. empathetic & intuitive

While we’re happy to give our clients a kick in the butt as needed, empathy and intuition drive everything we do. From exploring what matters most to you to navigating big professional changes, we help you better understand what drives you, your goals, and yourself more deeply, then strategize how you can be the best leader, professional, and human person possible.

02. growth oriented

People often look for a coach because they want something to change. Companies often hire coaches to spur growth, help individuals refine “edges” or offer a new kind of support. Whatever growth looks like to you we’re onboard and will partner with you to design clear goals and KPIs, and then measure these along the way.

03. relentless

We’re relentless in our vision of our clients and what they can, will, and ultimately do, do. We’re also relentless in our belief in coaching. We’re relentless in bringing our clients and partners the best coaching in the industry by pushing the boundaries of goals and what you expect to talk about with a coach–simply put, nothing is off limits.

what makes us different

Sure other coaches exist, but not like this

Yes, we specialize in working with young and rising executives and the senior teams who work with them, but what else?

Our clients say again and again, “You’re not like other coaches who I’ve talked with.”

We don’t talk down to you. We don’t tell you what to do. We also won’t let you attempt to separate who you are as a person from who you are as a  professional. We also will call BS on the idea that work today is the same as it was even a decade ago.

Our job is to help you succeed, whatever that means to you.



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Obsessed with

modern coaching

There’s been a gap in the professional coaching  marketplace for years. While coaching has existed for decades, many coaches are out of touch with the wants, desires, and attitudes of the modern professional, particularly rising young leaders.

Ambitious young professionals widely express a desire for coaching but too frequently are met who experts who talk down to them, tell them what their careers and lives should look like, or coaches with a stale style or dated approach. Many of these coaches moonlight or coach part-time at the end of their careers, which limits their offerings and perspective on the modern workplace.

At the same time, companies crave top, young talent but struggle bridging generational divides. Future-focused organizations know these professionals are key to long-term success yet struggle with understanding the needs and values of these young, ascending associates.

The New Exec fills these gaps by offering coaching for rising leaders and ambitious professionals who are wary of advisors disguised as coaches and coaches unaware of the nuances of the modern workplace. We are a full-time, full-service boutique coaching firm. We partner with individuals and organizations to help make meaningful, lasting change through world class coaching. We coach new leaders, high-potential and under-performing associates, and executives and managers who want to better connect with their younger associates. We offer corporate trainings and programs to fit most professional and personal development needs.

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What We Do Best

new leader coaching

You know when you meet with someone who’s supposed to help you and they end up talking down to you? Yeah, we do the exact opposite of that. We help rising executives make sense of their thoughts and ideas so they can thrive.

senior leader coaching

We offer unbiased support to established leaders who want to better connect with their younger teams. We help them better understand themselves and their teams. This type of coaching approach makes The New Exec unique in the field.

team coaching

We can’t bottle lightening but this comes pretty close. Team and small group coaching helps associates see themselves and their peers better in a more intimate setting than a training with more lasting effects.

workshops & trainings

Remember not remembering all those stale trainings you’ve been to over the years? Our work is everything but stale. We cover timely topics like equity and inclusion as well as more class topics like communication and persuasion with a emphasis on ensuring learning is usable. 

culture audits & implementations

We use Cultural Anthropology inspired ethnographic approaches to understand what’s really going on at a cultural level. We then partner with stakeholders at all levels of an organization to refine or devise clear company values, visions, and pain-points. We support implementation as desired.

political coaching

Some of the most important new execs who we work with are political candidates. Whether you’re making a first time run for office or a veteran in the space; The New Exec partners with progressive candidates on everything from public speaking, communications, presence, confidnce, and more.

coaching client

“Jane is a different kind of coach. Sure she can help you advance in your career but Jane also goes beyond that. She helps you understand what motivates you in life and how to use that motivation to improve all areas of your life, not just your job.

If you’re looking for a coach with a holistic approach, Jane should be at the top of your list!”

Saki R., Chicago, IL

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Based on client and student surveys given and returned. Data as of December 1, 2018.