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Skill-based and interpersonal training programs that provide informative, inspirational, and usable outcomes.


Unique & usable programs 

Un-boring, interactive workshops & training programs that shed new light on leadership and professional growth. We cover the basics like communication and new manager training but have signature programs that empower teams to really get to know themselves and others in new ways.

We create custom programs for off-sites and leadership retreats.

optimizing inter-generational teams

All differences can be used for good – provided we clearly see what those differences are and understand what they’re all about. This new take on intergenerational differences and how they can skyrocket company success.

mindset matters

By understanding our default approaches to work and beyond – or mindsets – we can better harness how these work for us not against us. Learn what a mindset is as well as basic brain functioning to operate more effectively at work and beyond.

authentic leadership

Authenticity is all the rage but how can leaders actually be authentic. Explore the difference between authentic vs. authority based leadership and learn practical ways to cultivate authenticity, and how to cascade this out to transform your office and team culture.

giving and receiving feedback

Pragmatic, research-based training essential for any company that wants to measure its own growth and support its employees in measuring theirs.

better leadership through listening

Humans are not wired to listen, yet this skill is critical to professional success. We teach leaders to take command of their natural brain functioning to listen better and operate more effectively.

Listening for sales also available.

vision, values & purpose

We’ll show employees how to establish their own values, what to do with them, and how to use these to lay out a vision and purpose for a career, team, and life. 

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Here’s how we work

01. Confirm needs, topic & approach

You might know exactly what you want a program to cover or you might want some partnership on determining this. This often comes to life as a few emails and 1-2 conversations to confirm fit, topic, and overall approach.

02. establish goals & check-ins

Once we agree it’s a good fit all around we’ll clarify the goals and success metrics we’ll measure against. This typically includes a few short check-ins via phone, video call, or email. We’ll also get all the contractual paperwork done at this stage as well.

03. design, delivery & measurement

We’ll go off and do our thing, whether that’s refining an existing program or creating something custom. Then we’ll meet you on-site or virtually as agreed upon to deliver the program. Afterwards, we’ll go through whatever metrics and tracking is built into the agreement.


Some of our training partners

corporate partner

“My company has worked with Jane on multiple occasions from Negotiation Strategies workshops to Personal Narrative writing.

Jane has an extremely approachable yet sophisticated form of communicating. She is patient and ensures that all attendees are getting the most of the course while moving along for those that want more.

Jane comes highly recommend for any and all business workshops!”

Taylor Sommers, Event Producer @ Rise & Set,

Chicago, IL

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