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empathetic & intuitive growth coach


I make people and groups make sense of the chaos in their brains so that they can be their most effective selves.

01. trained & certified coach

I’m a trained Co-Active coach and certified life coach. I use these methods in all of my work whether it’s coaching, training, or consulting. This gives me a model to follow while tailoring the conversation for a person or group.

02. a decade in corporate & startups

Prior to running The New Exec full time I worked at Fortune List companies, startups, and agencies. I understand both the nuances of matrixed organizations and lean, scrappy teams.

03. social science minded

A student of Anthropology and Sociology, I tune into cultural cues and social nuances. Along with the positive psychology and neuroscience based coach methods I use, I lean on my academic experiences to hone in on what really drives groups.

Proven Success

What people say about me

Nearly all of my clients say talking with me is different. Whether it’s finding a new perspective, having a true light bulb moment, preparing for a tough conversation, or simply getting a dose of reality. I pride myself on creating a safe and open space for people to explore what’s going on in their brains and help them make sense of it.




corporate partners recommending my work

coaching client

“I’ve worked with Jane for the past 6 months in figuring out how to proceed in my career. She’s very insightful, very supportive and encouraging. She worked with me on getting in touch with my ‘gut feelings’, and articulating to myself the things I find interesting, meaningful, and why. That’s helped me so much recently in pursuing a promotion and finding the right roles for me in my management consulting career.

It’s been wonderful working with Jane, and I look forward to working with her again soon!”

Katie A., 28, Seattle, WA

behind the new exec

My story

Jane Scudder

CEO, Founder, Coach

Hi I’m Jane. I’ve been coaching and a leading voice in the career development space for over a decade.

I’ve coached, trained, and partnered with hundreds of individuals from young leaders and founders to experienced executives and managers to recent grads and politicians–and frankly everyone in between. 


What i do

My work drives actionable, sustainable, positive growth and change. I help people enhance leadership, build executive presence and emotional intelligence, improve communications, and drive overall effectiveness. 


What led me to start the new exec

In 2017 I noticed a gap in the professional development marketplace. There are countless career counselors who tell ambitious young professionals what they “should” do,  business consultants who advise companies (somewhat awkwardly) on how Millennials “tick,” as well as life coaches and executive coaches who are either too far into the personal development space or too ingrained in the “executive space” to really grasp the needs and nuances of the new leader.

There’s a gap in understanding the nuances of young, rising leaders, as well as the established leaders who want to connect with these groups. And companies work hard to top, emerging talent but often struggle to really connect with them, lack of meaningful management and growth paths for these young, top-performers, all resulting in high attrition rates and dollars lost.

I had a vision to solve this with true, human-centered coaching and instructional programs. I pivoted the focus of my work to support new and rising leaders as well as senior executives who interact with these populations.


Who i work with

I work with individuals on virtually any topic related to professional and personal development, and partner with industry leading organizations to create and deliver outcome-focused coaching and associate growth programs. I also coach political candidates on communications, public speaking and presence, and connecting with audiences; I have successfully coached a national congressional candidate to win a nomination from a major political party and have supported multiple state-level candidates nationwide.

I’m told I bring a unique style of coaching with my focus on whole person. My distinct energy, attitude, and charisma fuel conversations that move and challenge clients into areas they never thought possible all while creating a gentle and open relationship. Clients tell me all the time I’m unlike any coach they’ve every met and the results speak for themselves.

Prior to The New Exec I worked in marketing and brand management for a decade at Fortune List companies and startups. She has launched major products and campaigns, led a cross-functional team in support of a $9 billion banking acquisition, and founded and led a global Culture organization.



I hold a BA in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Virginia and a life coaching certificate from the International Coaching Science Research Foundation. I’ll complete my Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials in early 2019.


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