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We're a boutique leadership development and consulting firm that uses business anthropology to sustainably improve human capital and culture.

We specialize in team building and training, ethnography-based consulting to support cultural & strategic change, and executive coaching.

We also create unique leadership experiences through our signature events and activations that deliver sustainable learnings to attendees.

Values, Culture, & Employer Brand Consulting

We use anthropological methods to solve human capital issues and help you position yourself.

We help you explore the current state of your culture and then intentionally develop core values to support goals like growth, DE&I, hiring, and retention.

This work includes culture audits, core value exploration and development, 1:1 interviews, and other forms of participant observation.



Customized 1:1 and group coaching to support rising and established leaders and teams.

Our clients are often increasing their scopes, taking on new leadership roles, growing a team or shifting into something new.

Our core leadership philosophy is to develop leaders not just managers.

We help improve connection across teams, peers, managers, and partners; and set individuals up for personal and professional long-term success.

Team Building & Trainings

We offer short and long-term programming to fit needs of large and small orgs.

We teach interpersonal and professional skills, offer new manager training, improve communication & cultural styles, and help teams develop a shared identity.

We help leadership teams better understand each other, develop shared goals, see different perspectives, and be united - not fractured - by differences. 

our approach

Blending observation with data to improve outcomes

Anthropology, or the study of human and cultural behavioral, has wide applications to workplace settings.

Both organizational stakeholders and employees will better understand team dynamics, improve performance, and develop new competencies through expert-led cultural studies, facilitated conversations, and 1:1 & team coaching.

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My company has worked with Jane on multiple occasions from Negotiation Strategies workshops to Personal Narrative writing. Jane has an extremely approachable yet sophisticated form of communicating. She is patient and ensures that all attendees are getting the most of the course while moving along for those that want more.

Jane comes highly recommend for any and all business workshops!

 Taylor Sommers, Event Producer @ Rise & Set, Chicago, IL


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Based on client and student surveys given and returned. Data as of November 1, 2020.